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Easy Bittube Browser Without Thinking About It

Bittube Browser may be a spick-and-span browser platform that aims to revolutionize the manner users interact with services that reward their attention, respect their time and supply AN innovative outlet to reward their favorite on-line creation with time and donations.

The core service that permits the new substantiation approach offered by this app is AirTime, a module that may be tied to websites and users and that tracks the eye and time spent on on-line destinations, with deeply integrated choices for earning and distributing TUBE tokens.

The core service that permits the new substantiation approach offered by this app is AirTime, a module that may be tied to websites and users and that tracks the eye and time spent on on-line destinations, with deeply integrated choices for earning and distributing TUBE tokens.

Lightweight, fast, and optimized for straightforward discovery and pleasure of recent on-line content, Bittube Browser represents one amongst the simplest ways in which for participating with fashionable content suppliers and attracting larger attention to private or business comes.
BitTube Browser extension
My Wallet
Built on high of the stable, fast, and reliable atomic number 24 platform, Bittube Browser permits users to expertise the online with none compatibility problems. The underlying new services offered by the Bittube square measure offered as modules that run the background and might simply be delivered to the main target by the press of the button.

It is vital to notice that one amongst the core principles of the Bittube Browser app functioning is re-routing users' information through a collection of secure VPN servers, that may eliminate the presence of aggressive ads and supply all users with a efficient browsing expertise.

Rewards for your active time on-line
Rewards the websites and content creators you watch
Link your social profiles to decriminalise them
Send donations to publishers
Buy TUBEs directly with edict or cryptocurrency
Convert your earnings to native currency
Users merely have to be compelled to click on the road icon on the top-right corner of the app, which can bring the floating window that includes the most Bittube dashboard that promotes simple discovery of all of its offered tools.

The top and bottom of the dashboard square measure reserved for tab icons for accessing app sections like My walled, Buy Tubes, AirTime, Link, Adblock, VPNB, Account, and Notify, whereas the bulk of the read within the default AirTime tab is reserved for the visual illustration of the most Bittube activities – Rewards, AirTime and Counted Airtime, with a transparent summary of this Tube token balance and tip tool for donating cash to favorite Creators.

Multimedia-focused users may also make the most of BitTube.video, a replacement WebTorrent-powered video sharing platform that's totally integrated into the Bittube browsing expertise.

In addition to the standalone applications programme app that may be downloaded and created into the default browser on any fashionable Windows OS and Linux desktop, laptop, and pill laptop, options of the Bittube browser are accessible to the other atomic number 24 users via a free Extension plugin.

If you're searching for Bittube Browser alternatives, we tend to suggest you to transfer Brave or Opera Crypto Browser.

We square measure excited to allow you to recognize that Bittrex exchange has migrated $TUBE wallets to the most recent version. All $TUBE balances prevailed the exchange square measure currently compatible with graphical user interface notecase v.4 and also the BitTube browser extension notecase. Deposits, commercialism and withdrawals square measure operational. Please generate a replacement address before depositing funds.

In case you’ve uncomprehensible it, one year past the TUBE coin modified its algorithmic rule to Cuckaroo 29b. This allowed to hurry up transactions (10x) and cling to healthy crypto standards. There was a coin swap needed for exchanges and user-generated notecase addresses. to boot, users UN agency upgraded their AirTime account level via staking had to withdraw and swap the balances.

BitTube is member of the BPSAA. The Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA) serves to teach the general public on privacy and security in blockchain. Members of BPSAA square measure driven by a standard ethos: ability amongst all. we tend to set the quality for blockchain collaboration and innovation.

The remake of the extension has additionally been submitted to Chrome store. As shortly as it's accessible you may be able to transfer and install so as to activate the auto-update for the long run versions.

Get the most recent BitTube mobile and desktop apps.
Browser extension
Rewards your active time on-line.

Link your social profiles to decriminalise them.
Send donations to publishers.

Buy TUBEs directly with edict or cryptocurrency.
Convert your earnings to native currency.

The Bittube Browser may be a revolutionary browser platform with the bold goal of radically sterilisation the ways in which during which users move with services that respect their time and energy and provide a unique manner for them to financially support the content they fancy most on the net.

Bittube Browser for Windows
AirTime, a module that may be hooked up to websites and users which tracks attention and time spent on on-line goals, with extremely integrated choices for earning and distributing TUBE tokens, is that the main service sanctioning the innovative substantiation technique offered by this app.

One of the best ways to move with modern content suppliers and garner a lot of interest in individual or skilled endeavors is by exploitation Bittube Browser, that is fast, light-weight, and optimized for the easy discovery and delight of recent on-line content.

Bittube Browser is constructed on the secure, fast, and trustworthy Cr platform, thus users will fancy the online without fear concerning compatibility difficulties. Bittube’s new underlying services area unit accessible as plug-and-play modules that run within the background.

Users might avoid intrusive advertisements and luxuriate in a quicker browsing expertise due to the Bittube Browser app’s central plan of rerouting user information over a network of secure VPN servers.

By simply sound the app’s cutoff icon within the higher right corner, users might open a modal window displaying Bittube’s primary dashboard, that makes it easy to be told concerning and utilize the app’s several options.

BitTube video, a brand new video sharing platform high-powered by WebTorrent, is additionally accessible to users with a stress on transmission, and it's seamlessly integrated into the quality Bittube user expertise.

The Bittube browser options area unit accessible to alternative Cr users via the free Extension add-on, additionally to the standalone browser application which will be downloaded and created the default browser on modern Windows and UNIX OS desktops, laptops, and pill PCs.

Each code is commissioned underneath a given sort of license that is on the market on application pages, also as on search or class pages. These area unit the foremost common forms of licenses:

Free apps are often downloaded freed from charge and while not deadlines. software system product is also used freed from charge for private or technical use (commercial use).

Open supply
Open supply code is ASCII text file code that anyone will check, modify, or improve. Programs printed underneath this license is also used freed from charge for private and industrial functions. There area unit many alternative open supply licenses, however all should meet the definition of open source; in short: the code is also used, changed and distributed freely.
Easy Bittube Browser Without Thinking About It

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It’s liberal to Play
This license is often used for video games also permits users to transfer and play for gratis. Basically, the merchandise is given liberal to Play (Freemium) and also the user will decide whether or not to pay a premium for alternative options, services, tangible or tangible assets that increase game performance. In some cases, ads is also presented users.

Short programs have restricted performance freed from charge, however they charge a collection of advanced options or by removing ads from the system interface. In some cases, all operations area unit disabled till a license is purchased. Demos sometimes don't keep time (like trial software), however performance is restricted.

Test code permits the user to check code throughout restricted time. at that time period of time (usually fifteen to ninety days), the user will decide whether or not to get the code or not. whereas most trial code product have a deadline, some even have feature limitations.

Typically, sales code or games area unit created available or available mercantilism objectives.

BitTube.tv may be a novel social network for content creators and streamers.
BitTube browser extension allows you to run the AirTime monetisation system anyplace whereas browsing the web whereas block ads. this technique allows users to come up with AirTime based mostly merely on their time spent surfriding web content.
They have inherent quantity in spite of ads. Ads insert contradictory style parts to websites. wherever historically, the revenue depends on distracting you removed from the publishers themselves, instead, AirTime permits you to pay your undivided attention – and monetizes either side. it's a interdependent, ad-free, win-win state of affairs.

rowse smarter with BitTube

The BitTube Browser respects some time and rewards your attention.

Enjoy ad-free, personal and secure browsing with BitTube.

WebTorrent-powered video sharing platform

BitTube.video is our new video sharing platform and remains in development. it's high-powered by ActivityPub and WebTorrent, supported PeerTube’s open ASCII text file. These technologies area unit censorship resistant advisedly.

Create varied billfold addresses to prepare all of your transactions. The QR code practicality makes causation and receiving funds quick and secure thanks to the integrated payment ID within the dealings.

Use this mobile app to manage your on-line billfold from the BitTube platform or the AirTime extension straightforward commerce via personal key or mnemotechnic seed.

- Manage your BitTube funds (TUBEs), produce or import infinite BitTube billfold addresses.

- Manage transactions, send and receive TUBEs.
- Scan QR code to create payments.

- Restore alternative billfold addresses you possess.
- Restore read solely billfold address.

- Restore billfold from a non-public key or a mnemotechnic seed.

Install the mobile billfold and revel in your TUBEs!

BitTube was based by MSc Saber Maram World Health Organization desires to vary the method the planet shares content. BitTube as an organization offers many merchandise that frame Associate in Nursing scheme. At the guts of this scheme could be a blockchain-based technology referred to as AirTime, Associate in Nursing ad-free proof answer that pays a cryptocurrency (TUBE) supported watch time of any sort of content. Payouts square measure taken from a slowly decreasing block reward, calculated supported a user’s AirTime compared to the grand total AirTime per every block. BitTube is community-driven: this suggests that users conjointly have the ability to influence the direction during which BitTube can grow.

BitTube could be a revolutionary new method of sharing content on-line. much any sort of digital content is also broadcast.

Their vision is to produce a capable platform, whereas at an equivalent time essentially re-thinking the method that copyright is protected and also the method copyright holders square measure ransomed. As a result, the platform are going to be able to operate entirely freed from advertising.

Furthermore, such a platform advantages greatly from a localized, scalable, and chronic knowledge store - basically protective from censorship.

Bittube bringings five TUBE tokens (~TBA) to their airdrop participants for the subsequent straightforward tasks. They conjointly provide a referral program wherever you'll be able to earn further TUBE. Bittube is listed on Coingecko and is hierarchic on #3002, supported their current capitalization.

You are on the brink of transfer the BitTube four.0.0.5 crx file for Chrome based mostly browsers: BitTube AirTime, Donations, Adblocker, Wallet, legitimate it slow whereas you're browsing the online....

The offline & original crx file for BitTube v4.0.0.5 was archived from the Chrome net Store (For home or personal use only). you may learn a lot of regarding the BitTube or select a server to urge the crx file.

Bittube Browser to zupełnie nowa platforma przeglądarki, która ma Na celu zrewolucjonizować sposób, w jaki użytkownicy angażują się w usługi, które nagradzają ich uwagę, szanują ich czas i zapewniają innowacyjne wyjście do nagradzania ich ulubione on-line tworzenie z czasu i darowizn.

Główną usługą, która pozwala Na nowe podejście do monetyzacji oferowane przez tę aplikację jest AirTime, moduł, który może być powiązany ze stronami internetowymi i użytkownikami i który śledzi uwagę i czas spędzony Na miejscach on-line, z głęboko zintegrowanymi opcjami zarabiania i dystrybucji tokenów TUBE.

Lekka, szybka i zoptymalizowana dla łatwego odkrywania i cieszenia się nowymi treściami on-line, Bittube Browser reprezentuje jeden z Najlepszych sposobów na Na Na w nowoczesnych dostawców treści i przyciągnięcie większej uwagi do projektów osobistych lub biznesowych.

Rozszerzenie BitTube Browser

Effective as of twenty February, 2019
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BitTube may be a decentralized blockchain project that aims to interchange YouTube with its ad-free cryptocurrency hopped-up video platform.

They are making an attempt to provide users another that's censorship resistant and isn't controlled by one giant centralised organisation. BitTube was developed so as to provide content creators a stake within the network that they were conducive to.

Ambitious so, however will BitTube have what it takes?

In this review of BitTube, we'll take a deep-dive on the project and also the impact that it's doubtless to possess. we'll analyse the technology, team members, professionals / cons in addition because the future prospects for the TUBE tokens.

What is BitTube?

The BitTube platform is meant to provide video content publishers Associate in Nursing outlet for his or her videos that's free from censorship. It conjointly will away with centralized storage, and aims to get rid of the requirement for advertising to come up with revenue.

nstead, content producers can receive payment merely for manufacturing and uploading videos. Viewers also can receive payment for viewing videos. The payments are created within the native currency of the BitTube platform, referred to as the BitTube Coin (TUBE).

To get a fair bigger comprehensive check up on the technology being employed for BitTube and its goals you'll have a glance at the comes whitepaper.

Decentralized BitTube Platform
Decentralization is at the guts of the BitTube platform, creating it a competition for the title of the “Bitcoin YouTube”. one in all the keys to the decentralization of the platform is that storage of video files is handled by the heavenly body filing system (IPFS).

This IPFS may be a peer-to-peer hypermedia system protocol that's a replacement for hypertext mark-up language and is functioning to modify the net. the main profit complete by the IPFS protocol is that the removal of user information from the hands of centralized storage firms, and also the come back of management to users and content creators.

With IPFS there are not any centralized servers storing information. Instead all of the information is transferred to a decentralized international server network. the security of the information is secured through a hashing mechanism, Associate in Nursingd potency is maximized through an algorithmic program that reduces the transfer {of information|of knowledge|of information} and avoids duplicate data. a method this is often accomplished is by the network continuously seeking the closest and quickest information supply.

BitTube within the Browser
The BitTube application lives utterly within the application program, therefore users don’t ought to transfer and install any special software system to look at content uploaded to BitTube. It’s conjointly potential to spot any video on the network with a hash, permitting it to even be viewed.

Live video is additionally a break, however the creators of the live videos do ought to install the BitTube Sender application that enables them to share their screen. the applying can deliver live broadcasts directly through the IPFS peer-to-peer network, and avoids the requirement for a centralized information center by uploading information on to the BitTube network.

Payments for Content Viewers
In addition to content creators obtaining paid, the economic model of BitTube conjointly provides payments for content viewers. This happens as viewers mine TUBE whereas viewing videos. Those coins get divided between the content creator, the content user, and also the BitTube project.

Because content house owners will get paid from the terribly initial read of their videos, it isn’t necessary to possess immense subscriber counts to earn TUBE rewards. Content house owners receive seventieth of the rewards created by mining, whereas viewers get two hundredth and also the BitTube project receives 100% to assist with development prices. This model permits users from low financial gain areas to create a probably substantial financial gain stream just by observance videos.

BitTube Transparency and obscurity
BitTube provides complete transparency through the blockchain adventurer that shows all the transactions that have ever been created on the blockchain. you'll see the precise distribution of rewards, which can allow you to apprehend that videos and that viewers have created rewards.

BitTube conjointly provides obscurity to all or any its users, as you'd expect from a blockchain platform. there's no in person distinctive data collected from any users or keep for any reason.

The BitTube Team
BitTube may be a fairly new platform, having been launched by Saber Maram in December 2017. Saber is additionally this corporate executive of BitTube, and also the headquarters of the project ar within the Santa Cruz American state Tenerife space of European country, that is within the island. Saber has fifteen years of expertise as Associate in Nursing bourgeois, each foundation and leading numerous firms before launching BitTube.

TUBE Technical Details
The BitTube platform was created exploitation the C++ artificial language, and also the Monero codebase was used as a templet for the project. this implies that TUBE was at first supported the CryptoNight proof-of-work accord algorithmic program, that created it totally ASIC-resistant.

Because ASIC miners were created for the CryptoNight algorithmic program in early 2018, BitTube forked on Gregorian calendar month two, 2018 and switched to the CN Saber algorithmic program, permitting it to stay freed from ASIC mining. meaning home miners ar still ready to mine TUBE coins with their pc GPU.

As you would possibly have guessed from the Monero beginnings, TUBE may be a privacy-centric coin. BitTube was exploitation The CryptoNight algorithmic program to confirm true privacy through cryptography and equalitarianism.

BitTube has provided a clear-cut and straightforward to browse guide to mining here, so anyone will make the most of mining the TUBE cryptocurrency. As ASIC rigs take over a lot of and a lot of algorithms it’s smart to possess ASIC-resistant alternatives.

TUBE is additionally somewhat distinctive in cryptocurrencies as there was no ICO for the project, and no pre-mine to fill the company’s coffers and developers bank accounts. BitTube has capped the amount of mineable TUBE coins at one billion coins. And mining may be accomplished as merely as viewing videos.

As a decentralised video service, BitTube has plans to make a electoral system within the platform to totally interact the user community within the higher cognitive {process} process close future development of the platform. additionally, Baseline Improvement Proposals (BIPs) are accustomed confirm attainable fork ways of the coin, also as selections regarding the coin reserve.

TUBE value History
The BitTube Coin (TUBE) is presently hierarchical range 429 on Coingecko.com with a value of $0.037 and a market capitalisation of $9,637,465 and a complete offer of ninety nine,120,263 TUBE. TUBE additionally began at a unharness value of $0.10 in December 2017, that the value remains unchanged from the initial launch, and given the very weak marketplace for cryptocurrencies throughout 2018 this is often pretty encouraging. only a few coins square measure unchanged since last December, most square measure really quite an bit lower.

e do got to keep in mind that TUBE is truly a utility token, accustomed offer associate degree economic incentive for users to transfer and think about videos on the BitTube platform. this suggests value action ought to vary from securities tokens, which frequently see way more volatility, each up and down. this might provide TUBE a pleasant steady advance higher once the cryptocurrency markets absolutely recover.

If you’re inquisitive about effort TUBE coins, the most important exchange for commercialism TUBE presently is Bittrex. there's additionally a moderate quantity of volume on the Upbit and TradeOgre exchanges.

Where to Store TUBE
Because BitTube is its own separate blockchain the TUBE coin is native to the platform, not associate degree ERC-20 token like numerous different platforms lately. meaning BitTube has its own proprietary billfold solutions for storing TUBE. There are literally many choices, the simplest of that is to easily leave your TUBE coins within the on-line billfold connected to your BitTube account.

There’s additionally an obsessive desktop billfold that may be downloaded and put in, and it's the additional benefit of permitting you to mine directly from the billfold. And for Apple users there’s a mobile app that may be downloaded from the Apple app store.

BitTube is off to a robust begin as a decentralised video service, and if it will meet its future goals of delivery in videos from skilled recording artists, adding copyright protections, cathartic a revolving credit for payment TUBEs, and different premium content options it'll simply maintain its lead on different decentralised video hosting platforms, to not mention begin to catch-up to the established centralized corporations like YouTube and Vimeo.

The BitTube team has created nice progress in but a year, that is incredibly encouraging for the long run of the project. The coin value has additionally delayed well within the face of a broad market in cryptocurrencies.

While it looks exhausting to believe at this time, the approaching years might see BitTube taking on because the leading video delivery platform, eclipsing even YouTube. And wouldn’t that be wonderful.

A guide to uninstall BitTube Browser sixty nine.0a1 (x64 en-US) from your laptop
You can realize below details on a way to uninstall BitTube Browser sixty nine.0a1 (x64 en-US) for Windows. it's developed by Mozilla. more information regarding Mozilla may be seen here. Click on https://bittubeapp.com to urge a lot of information regarding BitTube Browser sixty nine.0a1 (x64 en-US) on Mozilla's web site. BitTube Browser sixty nine.0a1 (x64 en-US) is generally put in within the C:\Program Files\BitTube Browser directory, subject to the user's call. BitTube Browser sixty nine.0a1 (x64 en-US)'s entire uninstall statement is C:\Program Files\BitTube Browser\uninstall\helper.exe. The application's main feasible file is titled BitTubeBrowser.exe and occupies 522.81 K (535360 bytes).

BitTube Browser sixty nine.0a1 (x64 en-US) installs the subsequent the executables on your laptop, occupying regarding a pair of.65 MB (2782616 bytes) on disk.

Referral system

Get five TUBEs anytime somebody registers victimization your link and verifies their account.
You will realize your link in 'Options' once you've got been verified yourself.

The AirTime extension explained

BitTube’s monetisation model is named AirTime.
It is associate degree ad-free answer paying users and publishers supported the time spent
watching content. this method is presently survive the bit.tube video platform.

This extension permits AirTime to run anyplace on the net. It pays TUBEs to users
and publishers (websites, social accounts, merchants etc.) supported the time spent
on any website. It includes associate degree integrated billfold, ad blocker and referral system.

The extension has special support for in style platforms, permitting users to legalize their
own social accounts like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It embeds instant donation
buttons on these platforms to tip users with one click. The system generates wallets
for every new publisher mechanically, and informs them regarding their earnings from AirTime
and donations. in addition, webmasters are able to legalize their own web site,
using a special module that tracks their guests’ AirTime (who themselves don't have
the extension). Finally, we're engaged on having the ability to shop for TUBEs through the extension
directly at market value, having no dependence on exchanges to shop for into the scheme.

The goal of BitTube is thought mass adoption through simplicity, accessibility
and a straightforward user expertise. TUBE is that the lifeblood of the scheme and for any
currency distribution is significant. Usage suggests that price. The strategy with the extension
is spreading TUBEs in as several (unwitting) hands as potential to achieve countless folks.

This will introduce a lot of and a lot of users to the BitTube scheme as an entire.

The extension rewards users for browsing the web. It implies that you'll continuously
always carry a nonzero TUBE balance, which may be spent anyplace TUBE is accepted. In apply,
through the AirTime extension, it turns TUBE into a continual supply for searching discounts and
donations. one amongst the massive challenges isn't lease TUBE succumb to its own inflation.

We should produce sturdy demand so its value grows in line with its utility.

Now, here is that the clever half. once selecting to form a TUBE payment, our approaching entryway
will permit you to fill up any skimpy balance mechanically throughout checkout, the extra
coin being purchased (i.e. making purchase pressure) by United States of America on the market. for instance, say you’re
buying a $100 gift and you've got $10 value of TUBE from browsing the net. throughout checkout,
$90 value of TUBEs are going to be bought at market value to settle the payment mechanically.

This is demand by choice. to not mention all the utility AirTime will probably boost games
and mobile apps, as an example as universal in-game currency and microtransactions.

The possibilities ar endless and that they ar real.

BitTube could be a blockchain project that is suburbanized and aims to substitute YouTube. It uses a video platform that is fuel by cryptocurrency, and it's conjointly free.

It makes an attempt to produce the users with a platform that is empty of censorship and one that's not underneath the management of an enormous organization. BitTube was born to offer the content creators a giant say during a network that they were causative towards.


BitTube platform and the way the cryptocurrency is incorporated into it, is each BitTube’s biggest strength and its biggest weakness.

The use case here for TUBE is extraordinarily high, miners ar serving to to not solely fund themselves however get hold of content creator’s and viewer’s use of the platform. As a lot of users utilize the platform, the worth of BitTube can ostensibly increase consequently.

However, there's another facet of this coin, if BitTube’s value doesn’t increase consequently with users, then the weakness of the cryptocurrency then impacts the payments that content creators and viewers receive.

Consequently, it might drive users away, plummeting the value even additional. this is often the elemental flaw in BitTube’s style, conjointly considering however BTC movements influence altcoins.

While BitTube will build it tougher to seek out misappropriated things that are uploaded to IPFS via BitTube, it's ineffectual to for good take away this content.

Especially in recent times, it’s been shown via numerous lawsuits and raids that world enforcement extends responsibility upon these platforms on the far side their actual capability — but a much better comparison purpose to BitTube would be The Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay was just a method of accessing and uploading content to the BitTorrent protocol, once somebody began to seed a song or picture, it had been nearly not possible for them to get rid of to get rid of to its P2P network.

We worry identical would seemingly be the case for BitTube — regardless of their ability to get rid of content, they'll be forced to close up

Navegue sin anuncios y sin preocupaciones sin preocuparse por dañar los ingresos American state UN editor.AirTime monetiza cada sitio internet y cuenta social que visita.Convierta mammal genus ganancias a la moneda native fácilmente.Basado nut Firefox, el navegador BitTube ofrece aún más: - Navegación rápida y liviana - Sin publicidad, sin rastreadores - Extensión American state BitTube nut el interior: - Siempre recompensa su tiempo nut línea - Siempre recompensa el contenido que mira - lace para monetizar mammal genus propios perfiles sociales - Envíe donaciones aeditores que amas - Compra TUBEs con moneda fiduciaria o criptomoneda - VPN integrada - Plataforma American state redes sociales Bittubers.com (beta) - Soporte American state golem (beta)

About BitTube
Our mission is to produce next-generation solutions that ar suburbanized, personal and secure, which enhance freedom of the web.

Our mission is to produce next-generation software package that fosters freedom of expression over the web. there's a transparent demand for censorship-resistant communication, content sharing, payments and content monetisation. to fulfill that demand, we have a tendency to ar building new peer-to-peer solutions with decentralization, privacy and security in mind.

BitTube is building AN all-in-one suburbanized scheme. Connecting folks and exchanging price on-line through social networking, on-line monetisation and peer-to-peer solutions – one step at a time.

Peer-to-peer video conferencing
Private and secure video calls, audio calls, electronic communication and a lot of. BitTube.space uses peer-to-peer technology to determine direct connections together with your contacts. Use the greeting.bittube.space public house for complimentary or produce your own personal house while not limits.

WebTorrent-powered video sharing platform
BitTube.video is our new video sharing platform. hopped-up by ActivityPub and WebTorrent, it's supported PeerTube’s open ASCII text file. These technologies have censorship resistance in-built intentionally. BitTube.video options time period content proof via the AirTime system, and then doesn't suppose ads or third parties.

All-in-one social networking platform.
Launched in 2019, BitTube.tv is our current inheritance social networking platform for video content, live streaming, direct electronic communication and additional. With the introduction of BitTube.video and BitTube.social, we tend to conceive to to reshape the .tv domain for live streaming next year. this can leave seamless cross integrations and account sharing on every domain, all among an equivalent acquainted ActivityPub framework.

In development (2020)
Upcoming social platform supported proboscidian. this can support video/stream embedding and account sharing across .video and .tv domains among an equivalent ActivityPub framework.

Payments, proof and blockchain.
All necessary info concerning the AirTime proof, donations, and payments. Details concerning the Tube blockchain, furthermore as info and services on shopping for, exchanging, mining and staking TUBE coins.

The BitTube.app domain is that the primary transfer hub for the most recent mobile and desktop apps for all BitTube product and services, as well as the extension, BitTube Browser, Spaces, social apps, and wallets, etc.

Recent theoretical and simulation-based studies have confirmed the tremendous good thing about peer-to-peer (P2P) communication at reducing the price of running a VoD ser- vice. To date, terribly restricted effort has been paid to validate the thought of peer-assisted VoD service, particularly in terms of system implementation and repair preparation. during this paper, we tend to gift the case study of a peer-assisted video- on-demand (VoD) system. we tend to designed and developed Bit- Tube, a BitTorrent-compliant VoD system. By combining client/server and P2P downloading, it supports seamless transition across the spectrum from pure client-server mode to BitTorrent mode. among this framework, we tend to experiment with a series of piece selecting policies to boost BitTube's support to video streaming and promote locality-aware P2P downloading. we tend to judge our system over PlanetLab, that hosts the user-side part of the BitTube system and emulates the global-scale user requests to the VoD ser- vice.