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The 5 Best Things About Razer Synapse


Razer Synapse is unified configuration software program that lets in you to rebind controls or assign macros to any of your Razer peripherals and saves all your settings routinely to the cloud. No greater tedious system configurations when you arrive at LAN events or tourneys, as you can pull them from the cloud, and get proudly owning proper away.

Razer Synapse is unified configuration software program that lets in you to rebind controls or assign macros to any of your Razer peripherals and saves all your settings routinely to the cloud. No greater tedious system configurations when you arrive at LAN events or tourneys, as you can pull them from the cloud, and get proudly owning proper away.

Maximize your unfair gain with Razer Synapse 3, the unified cloud-based hardware configuration device that takes your Razer gadgets to the subsequent level.

Features and Highlights

For customized settings anytime, anywhere! Rebind buttons, assign macros and robotically keep all your profile configurations to the cloud. And if you’re going to use a pc barring web or Razer Synapse three installed, store up to four profiles to have on hand by using the devices’ onboard storage.


Redesigned from the floor up with a clean interface and modular set up capabilities, the computer app aspects a revamped dashboard with convenient get entry to to your machine configurator, macro configurator, guarantee registration, and more.


Bring effective macros to your favored video games with Razer Synapse three Easily create a string of complicated button presses, and then exactly execute game-winning mixtures with a single click.


Simply press a single button to briefly liberate a secondary set of features on pinnacle of your current button assignments, correctly doubling the wide variety of customizable buttons on your device.


Make your desk a canvas with the all-new superior lighting fixtures config device that permits you to create a variety of lights outcomes and synchronize throughout more than one units whilst following the actual placement of your units on your desktop.


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Synapse for Xbox brings infinite customizability choices to your Razer Wolverine controller. Create your very own profiles and retailer them in the cloud to maximise your gameplay experience.

Razer Synapse for Alexa lets in you to manage all your Chroma enabled gadgets and extra the usage of the electricity of voice.

Razer Synapse for Alexa lets in you to manage all your Chroma enabled gadgets and extra the usage of the electricity of voice.

– Synchronize the lighting fixtures in your domestic throughout all of your chroma-enabled devices, clever lighting fixtures and third birthday party RGB units the use of the Smart Home Skill

- Use the Razer Skill with Razer Synapse three to assist with your daily things to do such as:
- launching applications
- altering multimedia controls
- shutting down or locking up your computer

Requirements and Technical Information
• Razer Synapse three software program with the Alexa module has to be hooked up on the PC
• Logging in with your Amazon account on Razer Synapse three software program will robotically enable Razer competencies for Alexa
• Supports all Razer Synapse three software-enabled gadgets inclusive of third celebration Chroma Connect devices
• Razer abilities work on the Alexa module on Razer Synapse three software program and with Amazon Echo units as well

• Razer abilities work on the Alexa module on Razer Synapse three software program and with Amazon Echo units as well

In case Razer Synapse is no longer opening, reinstalling the essential drivers need to assist you.

You can additionally restoration this problem if you safely put off the Razer software program and then deploy it again.
To forestall this issue, it is counseled to totally shut all associated methods and restart the app.

Almost all peripheral producers launch software program suites these days. These permit you to configure your equipment (DPI, RGB lighting, …) to your liking. How expansive these probabilities are relies upon on the gear you’re using, as nicely as the software program itself, so in this article we’ll go over the chances that Razer’s Synapse offers.

Razer’s Configuration Software
Razer’s Synapse software program was once first added in 2011 and is now on its 1/3 generation (Synapse 3.0). You will want to down load this software in order to do any in-depth customization of your Razer peripherals. Synapse additionally hyperlinks up with different merchandise (more data below) however the software program solely works with like minded products; the software program isn’t agnostic.

Razer’s Synapse software program was once first added in 2011 and is now on its 1/3 generation (Synapse 3.0). You will want to down load this software in order to do any in-depth customization of your Razer peripherals. Synapse additionally hyperlinks up with different merchandise (more data below) however the software program solely works with like minded products; the software program isn’t agnostic.

What is Razer Synapse?

As mentioned; you can configure all of your units to your heart’s content material in Synapse’s software, as nicely as create macros. These settings are then saved to the cloud, so that you simply have to log in to the Synapse software program on any gadget that has it set up in order to load all of your non-public settings, which means that you don’t want to be tinkering with your equipment each and every time you go to play video games away from your PC.

It has all of the everyday aspects such as the capacity to modify DPI, file rate, RGB, mic- and headphones volume, keyboard shortcuts, and so on, however it additionally has a couple of ‘modules’ that enable you to personalize your gaming surroundings down to the lights of your room.

Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa in all likelihood wants no introduction. Razer units are built-in with Amazon’s Voice Service so that you can control all of your Razer equipment (and Philips Hue and Nanoleaf lighting) with the energy of your voice.

The Amazon Voice integration potential that you can truely communicate instructions thru your headset (or exterior Razer mic) and have them performed straight away. Right now this performance is pretty confined (think of the ordinary stuff like altering profiles on your equipment or deciding on a special lights scene in your room) however Razer is working with Amazon to combine Amazon Alexa into games. This skill that you ought to doubtlessly use your voice to operate in-game movements in the (near) future.

Razer Chroma
Razer Chroma is the brand’s lights suite. This no longer solely works for Razer RGB devices, however additionally connects to Philips Hue and Nanoleaf lights products. Chroma is one of the most expansive lighting fixtures software program merchandise out there proper now, and with its capacity to hyperlink up to mild bulbs and lighting fixtures panels it’s viable to have your whole room lights dynamically react to anything is going on in your game.

There’s a substantial world of selections that enable you to configure your personal settings, and then there’s additionally the Chroma Workshop the place you can down load lots of custom-created profiles made with the aid of the neighborhood as properly as game-integrations (meaning that your lighting fixtures will react to positive conditions occurring in your sport of choice), so if you’re any individual who likes dynamic lighting, Chroma simply is your friend.

Recording macros with Razer Synapse
Razer Synapse is an imperative device for developing and storing customized settings profiles for all your Razer devices, however we absolutely love the potential to effortlessly set up macros. If you’re taking part in video games the place you want to push quite a few buttons in order to get a preferred impact it’s going to be a lot simpler to condense these moves down to the press of simply one button. When you’re making a macro you’re surely simply recording inputs, after which you assign all these inputs to a sure button (or button combination) which then replays all the moves you recorded.

This can be extraordinarily on hand for all varieties of video games and situations; you can set macros to robotically function a sequence of buff/debuff spells in games, or you can bind a particular button on your keyboard to purchase your loadout in CS:GO. The probabilities with macros absolutely are endless, however do be cautious that now not all macros are felony for competition. Using a macro for bunny hopping in CS:GO can get you banned with the aid of CS:GO’s overwatch system, for example, so continually test what you can and can’t do beforehand.

To exhibit how handy it is to document a macro with Razer’s Synapse software program we’ll exhibit you how to create a macro that mechanically sorts ‘good luck, have fun’ in Overwatch’s sport chat.

Install and open Razer Synapse’s Macro module.
Click the + button on pinnacle of the macro listing to create a new entry.
If you go into the document drop down menu you’ll see a listing of alternatives for your macro, such as whether or not or now not you favor your mouse moves to be blanketed in the macro. In this case we don’t prefer that. We do desire our textual content to exhibit up as quick as feasible so we’re gonna pick out ‘no delay’ underneath lengthen settings.

Press the file button and then do the following, the place BOLD shows a keypress and cursive shows that you must type: ENTER /m SPACE Good luck, have fun! ENTER and then hit the end button.

Press the file button and then do the following, the place BOLD shows a keypress and cursive shows that you must type: ENTER /m SPACE Good luck, have fun! ENTER and then hit the end button.

Your macro has now been recorded and is geared up for use. You can rename your macro (which is encouraged in order to preserve matters organised) through double clicking the identify of the macro.

Now you nevertheless want to bind your macro. In this case we’ll be binding our freshly made macro to one of the two greater buttons on pinnacle of our Razer Deathadder Elite.

Click on your macro and click on ‘key binds’ closer to the proper hand side, then pick whichever gadget you desire to bind the macro to. In this case we’re binding it to our DA Elite.

Select which button you choose to use (in this case we’ll use the ‘sensitivity stage up’ button) and choose how many instances you favor your macro to be performed per press. In this case that’ll be once, due to the fact we don’t prefer to junk mail the chat. Just click on save, and as soon as that’s executed your macro will be certain to the button in question.

Is Razer Synapse Worth It?

Most Razer peripherals come with the capability to use them straight out of the container these days, however if you favor to configure your gadgets in a extra in-depth manner it’s sincerely really worth it to down load Synapse. It’s additionally a outstanding device for human beings who choose their (ambient/room) lights to sync up with their gaming peripherals, or for human beings who desire to create customized lighting fixtures scenes that reply to in-game events. The reality that Synapse’s Chroma module is capable to sync up with Philips Hue and Nanoleaf lighting fixtures merchandise (two of the most famous clever mild structures out there) offers it a leg up on the opposition in that regard.

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Razer Synapse is hardware configuration software program with which its customers can configure Razer peripherals, however many customers stated that Razer Synapse isn’t opening.

These problems aren’t distinctive to Windows 10, and many mentioned that Razer Synapse failed to installation in Windows eleven too.

And in today’s article, we’re going to tackle these issues as soon as and for all, so examine on!

Why is Razer Synapse no longer launching?

It can occur due to the fact of your Windows Firewall, or virtually due to the fact the application’s archives would possibly have end up corrupted.

Other expired Razer processes, as properly as a number of third-party applications, ought to additionally get in the way of your Razer Synapse no longer working.

According to users, they skilled sudden mistakes in Razer Synapse, amongst different issues, such as:

Razer Synapse no longer loading profile/not switching profiles – This can take place if your profile is corrupted. The quality route of motion would be to recreate the broken profile.

Razer Synapse no longer loading opening on startup – The trouble is most probable brought on by means of your settings, so be positive to alter them.
Razer Synapse now not working in-game – It’s feasible that the recreation doesn’t completely help Synapse. Updating each the sport and the software program ought to help.

Razer Synapse no longer working after replace – A awful replace can motive this problem, so reinstalling the software program must help.

Razer Synapse no longer downloading from the internet site – If this happens, take a look at your antivirus settings and make positive the down load isn’t blocked.
Razer Synapse no longer displaying gadgets – Updating or reinstalling the driver, or putting in the modern-day model of Razer Synapse constant matters for many.
Razer Synapse no longer detecting mouse and keyboard – This unique trouble is pretty common, and reinstalling Razer Synapse did the trick.

Does Razer Synapse minimize performance?

Some humans say that ride decreased overall performance after putting in and the use of Razer Synapse, whilst others say the whole thing is surely fine.

To inform the truth, the software program is a little greater resource-hungrier than you would possibly expect, however it shouldn’t absolutely motive overall performance issues.

However, if it does, simply uninstall it and proceed gaming at most advantageous performance, improving and enhancing your experience.

How do I restore my Razer Synapse?

If Synapse three or X won’t open on your PC, the difficulty may be associated to Razer system drivers. Thus, you can actually reinstall each Razer gadget drivers and the Synapse software program as proven in the guide below.

1. Right-click the Start button, and pick the Device Manager.

2. Double-click the Mice and different pointing devices, Keyboards, and Human Interface Devices classes on the Device Manager window.

3. Right-click all the Razer gadgets listed in these categories, and choose the Uninstall machine preferences on their context menus.

4. Select the Delete the driver software program for this gadget alternative on the dialog field window that pops up for every Razer system then press the Uninstall button to confirm.

5. Unplug all the related Razer gadgets for a few minutes. Then restart your computer or laptop.

6. Plug the Razer gadgets lower back in after restarting Windows. Windows will mechanically reinstall the drivers for the devices.

7. Download the cutting-edge Razer Synapse software. Then reinstall Razer Synapse with its setup wizard.

Make certain you have the most up to date variations of your drivers. There are third-party packages that can do this for you automatically, such as DriverFix, which can notice and restore any out of date drivers.

Expert tip:


Some PC problems are challenging to tackle, specially when it comes to corrupted repositories or lacking Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your device may additionally be partly broken.

We endorse putting in Restoro, a device that will scan your computer and discover what the fault is.

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This device has a large daily-updated driver database, so it will recommend the most latest drivers reachable after scanning your system. If you trust it is a tedious project to do this manually, attempt DriverFix and provide us feedback.

Windows updates would possibly additionally assist if Razer Synapse won’t open. The updates are commonly computerized until you’ve adjusted Windows Update settings, however you may nonetheless leave out a few.

Can I use Razer merchandise barring Synapse?

Keep in thought that essentially all units that have at least four onboard reminiscence profiles are in a position to shop macros on the onboard memory, however it’s nonetheless completed solely with the aid of Synapse.

Thus, on units such as the Huntsman TKL you’ll be in a position to store macros into the keyboard, then use your macros on different PC except Synapse.

What can I do if Razer Synapse won’t open on Windows 11?

If you’re having troubles with Razer Synapse on the present day model of Windows, you’ll be thrilled to hear that all the solutions from this information can be utilized to Windows 11.

The two working structures share many similarities, so the options are conventional and they will work on each systems, with some minor alternations.

Those are some of the resolutions that will probable restoration Razer Synapse when it doesn’t open. This isn’t the solely issue, and many said that Razer Synapse won’t alternate lighting, however there’s a way to restoration that.

If you have any different options for Razer Synapse, sense free to share them below.

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Razer Synapse is our unified configuration software program that lets in you to rebind controls or assign macros to any of your Razer peripherals and saves all your settings mechanically to the cloud. No extra tedious gadget configurations when you arrive at LAN events or tourneys, as you can pull them from the cloud, and get proudly owning proper away.

Updated, 5/17/19, 8:10am PT: Razer informed Tom's Hardware that it deliberate to announce the visitor login choice for Synapse three (and Cortex) when it used to be finalized. The corporation stated in a media alert that Synapse three users "can now pick to log in as a visitor for higher privateness control, and nonetheless have get admission to to all most important app features," whilst confirming that visitor customers additionally might not be required to join to the net to use the program. The guest login alternative was once launched in a phased rollout; Razer stated it should take up to two restarts of Synapse three for the alternative to appear. The agency additionally stated that greater than 60 million humans have created a Razer ID, so the account requirement did not appear to be too huge a deal for Synapse 3's adoption, however it will be fascinating to see how many extra humans will provide the application a attempt now that doing so would not require them to provide any non-public data.

Original article, 5/15/19, 6:26am PT:

Everyone has their very own preferences for their peripherals. Razer Synapse three is supposed to make it less difficult to manipulate all these settings, from system profiles to macros, however the app's dependence on a Razer account possibly confined its capacity to attain anybody who ought to advantage from the use of it. That should not be a hassle anymore, due to the fact TechRadar suggested nowadays that the usage of Synapse no longer requires an account.

Synapse's preceding reliance on an on line account made sense--at least for Razer. Part of the program's attraction is the capacity to maintain settings in sync throughout more than one systems, and when most human beings suppose of cross-device sync, they likely suppose of cloud-based solutions. Requiring humans to create bills to use Synapse additionally let Razer gather e mail addresses and different data that may want to help its advertising efforts.

But the today's model of Synapse has continually been placed as particularly cloud-optional. It can use a given peripheral's onboard storage to provide cross-device sync, and due to the fact this is the app's whole purpose, the on line element is much less "Synapse can solely work if it is linked to the internet" and extra "Razer solely desires Synapse to work if any individual creates an on line account." That distinction's important.

Now it looks that Razer has modified matters up. TechRadar mentioned that Synapse gives a visitor login choice that lets human beings control their peripherals except developing an account or having an net connection. This alternative was once additionally stated to be coming to the Razer Cortex sport launcher, so the new strategy ought to make it less difficult for many Razer clients to preserve their privacy, no longer simply these the usage of Synapse.

The visitor login option's launch used to be phase of a phased rollout, in accordance to TechRadar, so it may now not show up for all Synapse customers proper away. Razer does not show up to have stated the exchange on its internet site or social media accounts. We've reached out to the agency for extra records about when the visitor login alternative grew to become available, why it used to be introduced, and the place else it would possibly show up in future.

Razer Synapse is used to manipulate and personalize settings concerning your Razer peripheral units such as Razer mouse, Razer keyboard. However, every so often you may additionally run into troubles like Razer Synapse now not opening on your computer.

Don’t worry. Many customers have been reporting the Razer Synapse now not working issue. The appropriate information is you can repair it with this guide. Read on to locate how…

Razer laptops and add-ons come with this nifty device known as Razer Synapse, which lets you manipulate the whole lot from lighting fixtures to fan speed. Here's a information on how to get started.

The Synapse software program is cut up into extraordinary settings and modules which are laid out for you on the predominant dashboard section. It will robotically realize related Razer hardware, such as my mouse, for example. If you are the use of a Razer laptop, you will additionally have an more area known as "System," which lets you manipulate a variety of laptop computer aspects (we'll get to that in a moment).

The Modules part denotes integrations with different systems and services, and different facets you may additionally have installed. By default, this consists of the Chroma Studio for controlling your lights and a Macro suite for placing up keyboard sequences. You can locate and deploy different Modules with the aid of deciding on the "Modules" submenu. Next to that, we additionally have Global Shortcuts, which lets you bind keys on your Razer merchandise to more than a few functions.

By default, hitting the "System" part (if you have a Razer Laptop) will let you configure a number facets of your system, beginning with keyboard bindings. The profile area lets you set up distinctive units of configurations, which can be beneficial for having distinctive bindings per-game or per-workflow.

Additionally, Razer Hypershift lets you efficiently add every other "Fn" key. If you bind a key or mouse button to come to be your Razer Hypershift key, preserving that down lets you bind every other set of keys, which can correctly double the quantity of shortcuts you can have in any one place. You can configure your Hypershift keys by using clicking on the button that says "Standard" under the mouse pad photograph on the software. I've set my Razer Hypershift key as one of the buttons on my Razer mouse, and set it so that retaining down the Hypershift button strikes my 1, 2, 3, four wide variety keys over to 5, 6, 7, eight to get convenient get entry to to greater capability buttons for video video games like World of Warcraft.

To configure a button, clearly click on on it. A menu will open, which offers you a vary of picks for re-binding the keys. Personally, I would not propose reconfiguring the default profile; you by no means be aware of when you will want one of your keys to be the key it used to be designed to be. Instead, put more keybindings on the Hypershift profile instead. You may want to possibly bind the proper CTRL or Fn keys to come to be your Hypershift modifier key for the reason that they're no longer used so frequently in general.

Beyond keyboard bindings, we additionally have a Performance and Lighting section, which permits you to drill down and manipulate different elements of your laptop. Most of the settings right here are self-explanatory, however if you hover over the "?" icon, it will provide you a bit extra context. The Lighting part lets you exchange the colour profiles of your keyboard keys, as nicely as set up power-saving alternatives for when you are strolling off the laptop's battery as a substitute of a wall outlet.

The Performance part lets you regulate the strength of the fans. By default, the device is supposed to mechanically alter fan pace to decrease temperatures, however if you favor your laptop computer to run even cooler, you can crank these up at your leisure. You can additionally alter the refresh charge of your show here. If you are the usage of a 120Hz panel, decreasing it to 60Hz can assist raise your battery lifestyles a bit.

Much like the machine tab, configuring a mouse or a keyboard by way of the Razer Synapse software program is especially a whole lot the equal deal. By default, when you pick out the mouse tab at the top, you will be delivered to a keybinding area that lets you alternate what the one of a kind mouse features do, as properly as set up profiles for separate Standard and Hypershift modifiers.

You can additionally use this vicinity to drag profiles onto your device's onboard reminiscence if you sketch to take your mouse on the avenue and use it with a one of a kind machine the place you would possibly now not have get admission to to the full Synapse suite. Simply click on on the chip icon subsequent to the profile drop-down menu to get right of entry to a device's onboard memory.

Each Razer gadget you plug into the Synapse software program through PC will come with special options. In the case of the Razer Lancehead mouse, you get get admission to to a plethora of configuration alternatives with regards to the lighting, and additionally performance. Reducing the brightness of the Chroma lights and matters like the polling frequency will enhance the mouse's battery lifestyles a bit, as nicely as placing it to flip off after a duration of idleness.

Your great guess is to fiddle round with the settings of something Razer accent you are presently rocking, discover and see what settings you would like to change, if any.

If you go lower back to the dashboard, you can choose the "Modules" tab to appear at reachable integrations for your device. There are not lots proper now, however Razer is increasing the listing regularly. Once installed, every module will show up as its personal tab in the pinnacle bar on Razer Synapse, and will be configurable with a vary of new settings and features. You can continually return to the principal Modules tab by means of the dashboard to get rid of or deploy new modules.

Right now, this is what you can set up (or uninstall).

Amazon Alexa: This module lets you flip your Razer laptop computer into a transportable Alexa assistive speaker. However, its usefulness is confined given that you have to spark off her manually and can't wake her up the usage of your laptop's microphone.

Chroma Connect: This is a module provider that lets you sync your Razer Chroma RGB settings to different apps, games, and platforms, and comes with its personal app keep for customized notifications and integrations. Once installed, take a seem to be at the module web page in the pinnacle bar for extra of its aspects and settings.

Chroma Visualizer: This module controls and prompts your lights with video games and music, for an immersive experience.
Philips Hue: Philips' famous lights platform can sync to Razer Chroma the use of this module. If you're the usage of any of Philips' Hue smartlights in your home, grabbing this module is a must.

Nanoleaf: This is a bridge module for these of us who have Nanoleaf panel lights hooked up on the equal network. This module lets you sync your Razer lights with your lights panels.

Chroma Studio: This is Razer's device for putting up customized lightning settings and cycles throughout your devices.

Macro: This function lets you report key sequences and run them automatically.

Razer Synapse is a utility that helps you manipulate your specific Razer peripheral devices. There are so many matters you can’t do besides it, like modify their sensitivity settings or trade the lighting.

Sometimes the software experiences an error and refuses to open. If you prefer to proceed managing your gadgets with Synapse, restore it proper away.

Why Is Razer Synapse Not Opening?

Sometimes the problem is with Synapse and once in a while the hassle is with your computer. For example, your pc would possibly now not have sufficient sources to open the software if some thing else is the usage of them.

Most likely, it’s a minor hassle that won’t require you to reinstall the program. However, on occasion the solely way to repair it is to do a sparkling install.

How to Fix Razer Synapse Won’t Open
Before you strive different troubleshooting steps, strive to restart your computer. If that doesn’t restore it, right-click the Razer Synapse executable application and pick to run it as an Administrator.

If it nonetheless doesn’t open, you’ll have to dive a little deeper to repair the issue.

Sometimes when a application like Razer Synapse won’t open, it’s due to the fact a reproduction is already jogging however isn’t performing on the display due to an error. The solely way to shut it down is to pressure shut it via Task Manager.

Press Windows key + X.
Choose Task Manager.
Scroll via the apps and history processes, searching for any that consist of Razer or Synapse.
Right-click on a Razer process.
Click End Task.

Next, test to see whether or not the offerings are nevertheless running. Sometimes even if no Razer procedure appears, a provider can exhibit you that it’s at least making an attempt to start.

Press Windows key + R.
Types “services.msc” barring quotes.
Press Enter.
Scroll down to RzActionSvc.
Right-click on it and select Restart.
Look for Razer Synapse Service.
Right-click and select restart.

Try to relaunch Razer Synapse. If it nonetheless doesn’t work, shut any lively Razer Synapse methods in Task Manager, return to the offerings Window, and end any Razer Synapse services.

Once you’ve completed this, strive relaunching the program.

Antivirus and Firewall Issues
Sometimes your antivirus software program and firewall offerings can block pleasant packages whilst making an attempt to shield you. Try pausing your antivirus and including an exception in your firewall or pausing it to see whether or not this lets Razer Synapse open.

Press Windows key + X.
Choose Settings.
Click Update and Security.
Choose Windows Security in the left aspect panel.
Click Virus and Threat Protection.

Choose Manage Settings.
Toggle real-time safety to Off.

Try to begin Razer Synapse again.
If it doesn’t work, strive to disable your firewall. If Razer Synapse opens when the firewall is disabled, you can add an exception to let it thru the firewall in the future.

Press Windows key + X.
Choose Settings.
Click Update and Security.
Choose Windows Security in the left aspect panel.
Click Firewall and Network Protection.

Click Domain Network.

Click Yes to confirm.
Try to reopen Razer Synapse.
If it works with the firewall off, including an exception need to restoration your problem. Close Synapse, flip your firewall again on via switching all the toggles lower back to On, and then add an exception.

Press Windows key + X.
Choose Settings.
Click Update and Security.
Choose Windows Security in the left aspect panel.
Click Firewall and Network Protection.

Highlight the file and click on open.
Click Add.
Click Ok.
Try to restart Synapse.
It have to be secure to add the exception, however make positive your firewall and antivirus are again on when you’re executed with these steps, no depend what.

Try Compatibility Mode
While Razer Synapse have to work exceptional on Windows 10 and 11, going for walks it in compatibility mode may restoration a hassle maintaining it from opening.

Right-click on the Razer executable file.
Choose Properties.
Click the Compatibility tab.
Check the “Run this application in compatibility mode for” box.
Choose the subsequent lowest model of Windows from the drop-down menu.
Check the “Run this software as an administrator” box.

Remove Razer Surround
Some customers suggested troubles jogging Razer Sound and Razer Synapse simultaneously. If you can’t open Razer Synapse, eliminating the Sound application to see whether or not it works later on is really worth the opportunity of having to reinstall it.

Press Windows key + X.
Choose Settings.
Click Apps.
Scroll down to discover Razer surround.
Click on it to see the options.
Choose Uninstall.